Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Chillax Time

Ok. Ice age I haven't been blogging lol. Well, had a rough week lately - termites attack on dining cabinets. That means burning $$ and it's Chinese New Year soon *sigh* Pity my parents. I sleep extremely late these days... about 4-5am. XD

Oh yeah! Recently, I have an idol that I admire - Guy Wilson. You guys should watch "Werewolf: The beast among us." Terrific. Period. This guy is special as in.. he doesn't hide from the media much during an interview, which is something I admire the most - being yourself wherever you are. Best thing is he'd reply his fans' tweet *haha* You can follow him by @THEguywilson on Twitter. You might also wanna follow @GuyWilsonFans for his recent updates. I dreamed of working together with Guy few days ago and I woke up confused BECAUSE..... I'm studying engineering. I would really love to venture into filming industry. Sounds fun and challenging. Wadya think ?

Anyway, write till now I'm afraid *yawns* Gotta sleep soon. If you notice the right column of my blog, there's few gadget that if you can, do me a favour by following me on Twitter / Guy Wilson's / GuyWilsonFans' Twitter. You can also help me by asking me questions about anything. I'm cool with it. I'll try to answer as much as I can 'cuz I've nothing to do normally 'cept going out to fetch my sister, etc. (talk about extreme boredom here) So please help out by asking more questions :-)

For your info, I'm working part-time as a writer. You can ask me to check on your documents / language assignments for free (proofreading). But if you want me to make corrections / editing, I'll charge for a few dollars. I even provide article / essay writing services which is much expensive of course, but also depending on its type.

Alrite guys. Good morning... gracias and adios ! 

P.S. You might wanna remind me to update my blog from time to time *haha* In case I forgot ;( Thx again ! Tweet me about this or whatever. >.<

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Something For You To Ponder~

Why raise your anger? Think my friend…think. Anger doesn’t solve a problem. It only shakes your mind. Where has your wisdom go? Has it lay waste into your daily activities? Or has it, crumble in your weak mind? Serenity in a chaotic situation will yield a solution; it might not be the best, but it is better than none. Have you not grow up? Be independent?

Studying alone does not guarantee you a good future.
Falsehood will not safe you forever.
Faux pas will ruin your beauty.

Everything contains limitations. But your limitation is far beyond expectation. Such demonstration tonight is far too unbelievable – weak, unintelligent performance and unwise choice of words; poisoning your personality to its fullest. My friend, let not your heart stirs your thoughts but your wisdom. If you have not any wisdom, then ask from The Above who will deliver trials and temptations to you; molding you like how a potter shapes the clay. Do not hover over misconceptions or drown in its perpetuation for the wrong will have their judgments according to His time. Safeguard yourself my friend! For everyone will try to seek the truth, likewise their parents, while the wicked will perish when they least expect it.

The wrong may seem to have the upper hand for now. But as high as the squirrel jumps, it will still land on the earth. Pay no heed to the sins as Heaven is for the truth, and Hell is for the tainted soul. If you have no knowledge, seek and you shall find it. This message is addressed to you, whom name shall not be mention but you will know who you are. Hopefully, you will think again and change your character despite of your daily chores. Only then, your inner beauty will shine. Right now, you’re just a flower… losing its petal and then fade again… into the dim and sorrowful grave.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Working and Thank you.

Hi guys! Have been ages (allow me to exaggerate) lol.  Uhmm.. Well, not feeling well in the past few weeks due to severe stomachache - can't even count the amount of times I ran into toilet. Anyway, studies have been great, just that the new team I'm assigned into doesn't look good. Guess I gotta do the work with another trustful team member..more of a 2-man work instead of 5-man. Hmmm.. And also, I've been in this website 'cuz I feel like working to cater for my financial need (as in I felt bad spending my parents' hard-earn money on entertainment). I'm a pianist, a gamer or sometimes, a collector. I might need to buy music scores, game cards, etc. So I'm hoping to get some job through this website. They're paying in $$ so convert into RM is quite a lot, at least for me. =)

Blogwalkers: TQ for inspiring me to write this post haha. I was thinking of abandoning it because apparently, my friend, most of them, left blogging long time ago. So well, thanks for your support! Will continue to write if I've the time.

If any of you need my service, please click the link below. Thanks again. Till then, BYE!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Dun live ur life on someone else" - Fail.

Probably, u might have experienced living ur life on someone else. Wat i mean is, all u think is for the others around u..out of love of course. But have u ever think of the purpose of u doing it? Whether it's for their own good, etc. Well, i did. I love to help around. Hate to say tat sometimes im being used, which is normal for every kind person.

At first, i would like to give up on it. I mean, think bout it. Have they ever help u back?? Do u get any benefit? How did they treat u in return? These questions.. will fail u. haha. I'll tell u why. When u help, do u help wif love or wif a hope of getting a return? Frankly, most of us help bcoz we're hoping for a payback. I think tat's entirely dumb(pardon my language). Whether u knew it or not, the person whom u've help throughout ur years or days on earth have in any way, enlighten them. ALWAYS REMEMBER: "No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of another." - Charles Dickens.

Tis is why i think tat helping one another is vital in tis world. When u fail to help, u'll automatically be categorize as "selfish", unless u're UNABLE to do tat. Well, UNABLE means a lot of things. Check for urself: "Are you disabled?";"Do u have insufficient food to eat?";"Do u have any shelter?";"Are u too poor to give out even few cents?";"Are u not capable?". I hope these helps you in deciding.

Someday, when u're sick n gonna leave the earth n meet the LORD, u might reflect on who u've help, have u been using ur love n sincerity to reach out for others n so on. Those who din help will regret when their days are numbered. Live ur life as meaningful as u can, for u'll never know ppl might help u back in future. thank you.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

omg... everyday sleep at 5/6am!!!

Hi everyone! haha. long time never update~ XP sory!! haha.

Anyway, this month is a month of miracles.. why?? I began to understand lots n LOTS of things tat are vague in my past... personal to subjects.

Good news is... i will persevere to write in this blog for my uhmmm.. fans. (Well, today i've not much to talk bout.) But whoa... quite tired internally.. imagine sleeping at 5am or 6am for a week!!! thx to raya... But i reli appreciate tat i've found sumone to chat wif me lol. still kind i can say..great fren... like big brother.(im the eldest in family T.T) i dun plan to do inspection like's stupid i know. haha.

Btw, i began to suspect something mystery is happening in my room... hmmm... wth is tat.. always disturb when i sleep.

Lol. Do u guys dream bout ur relatives or frens around u??? haha. i do. kip dreaming bout them. if i see u once, i'd be sure i'll dream of you. lol. Recently, my dream is coming true via time. some dreams are meant to be true.. must be a sign uh?? haha.

Anyway, gtg now.. coz i nid to attend tutorial 2molo(im in college already... yea. this blog is VERY OLD-since secondary). primary oso got i guess... may be tis one.. i edit it so many times till i loss count. BYE!!! Kip on commenting.. in wateva language XP. no worry... i'll translate it myself. haha. 


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wat a HECTIC DAY~~!!!

HAHA!! hi ppl!! long time no see... err... write..=.= i was bz wif my new laptop... those program stuffs.. uh-oh. headache... anyway.. thx 4 those who support the previous spanish post. thx so much.. (i've RE-COVERED good news!! =D ) anyway, im looking for the game plantvszombies together wif crack file.. anyone have suggestion? >.> coz im gonna go crazy looking 4 it!!!! hehe.

Uhmmm... sry.. i'll be updating my blog a lil late nowadays coz have to prepare myself to study at sarawak.. (far 4 u, not me). anyway, more philosophy will come as life goes by. For now, let us reflect on tis tranquil post i've prepared:

     Have u ever look in the air, or moon and take a deep taught bout how life and friends, family, everythg has done to u?? i mean, how it changes u?? OR maybe, how GOD works HIS miracle in ur life??

     Well, I have friends tat change my life and most importantly, GOD has show HIS LOVE 4 me throughout my life. I've always live alone, at least i call it. My heart and soul was not rite and always lonely, 1st glance into me was emptiness... Before i became a Christian, I do bad thgs like stealing, and etc. also, i've bad intention in every thg i do/plan. REvenge and stuff like make ppl in trouble kinda thg.. Of course, all this is unnoticeable.. Im a good kid in skool ya know?? Life changes when i shifted skool........

     I shifted to a new skool, means new life. but still doing the old immature stuff... uh-oh. the prob is im not feeling sick n tired of committing those sins. God bless me... i always say..  When im in my Form 2, a friend of mine told my mom bout the *good news* which means bout the true God. I uhmmm... kinda blur tat time. I juz follow my mom n my friend.. we when to church 4 years...

     Thgs started to change gradually. My attitude n behaviour... whoa... totally diff from be4 i met GOD!!! My mom who used to beat her children all up badly, also changed.. talk bout tis, she hasnt been beating us for years!! i mean majority, minority is once in a blue moon now.. thrown most of her "precious-devil" canes(yeap... she had more than 5 of them) away... Im so glad =D She tried to talk to us more n also understand us more.... On the other hand, me n my siblings give her a lovely-obedience attitude. Take thgs into consideration n NOT 2 upset her- her scoldings is still unchangeable.. Once u get it, it;ll rewind like a tape recorder. *sigh*

    Thought bout wat GOD has done>??? HE ans most of my prayers!!! Can u imagine??? I wanna study in sarawak, but we(my parents and i) nid to fly there 2 check out university there... prob is we'd have to waste more flight money. I prayed hard and to my surprise, THE LORD has gave me a place in my NATIONAL SERVICE in one of the camps in sarawak which is a 45 minutes drive 2 the uni!! when my parents reached there, another miraculous sign was, a lorry driver told them how to go to the remote NS camp!! yeah... road to my camp will spin ur head rgt round n round XP After tat, GOD make 2 of my camp trainers, i truly believe, they offer to help us-my parents and i to bring us to the uni. we're so HAPPY!!! Cant imagine the joy GOD was ANSWERING MY PRAYER TOTALLY!! so awesome...

     OF course, the miracle din stop there. Despite the trainers bzness, they oso offer to take me back to camp so tat my parents can fly back to kl. i mean, who would be so kind to do it without a single cent???  anyway, my parents gave them some money as treats for their kindness.. Now, the LORD has oso send me a guy in service department in the uni to help me set thgs up for my hospitality in sarawak during study.. AND ITS ALL DONE!!! haha!! PRAISE THE LORD 4 His goodness!!!

     I dunno bout u guys, but i am DEFINITELY SURE tat GOD is always wif me and always AHEAD of me, to guide me and lead me in my life. Providing me the supports i nid n everythg. I hope tat u guys will pray n i WILL pray too tat he will search 4 u all ONLY IF u'd OPEN ur HEART to HIM. Amen.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

La amistad y la BFF. ¿Qué significa para usted?

Yo no sé acerca de la mayoría de ustedes. Creo que la vida es un poco injusto para la amistad. La amistad puede crecer tan fuerte que la obsesión se lleva a cabo. a veces, un fallo de cualquiera de las partes podría provocar disensión entre fraternidad. Algunos, por otra parte, en realidad hacer que se conviertan en lo BFF.

Triste para mí, ¿eh? No tengo ni qué tan siempre BFF. A menudo la gente me preguntó:

XYZ: "¿Tienes un mejor amigo?" 

me dijo: "no. BFF no existen para mí."

XYZ: "¿Por qué? Me refiero a que no se encuentre uno o qué?" 

me dijo: "Bueno, yo la última vez. que es una mierda total, porque así lo pidió me abandono. nunca duran mucho, como de costumbre".

XYZ: "Uh .. eso es triste. ¿Usted realmente entender lo que es BFF? Como en lo que es BFF para usted?" 

me dijo: "Para mí, BFF es un poco como él / ella, es muy, muy cerca de vosotros, y estará allí para ti no importa qué. No dejan a usted como si usted es una basura, a menos que los hacen hacerlo. Normalmente, BFF no lo hacemos, no importa lo malo que es. Son realmente un animador y un gran apoyo. Bueno, yo no creo que haya hecho algo para asustar a mis amigos de fuera. Estoy muy útil en mi camino ya. Justo que nadie aprecia como de costumbre. Puede ser 1 o 2. "

XYZ: "Yo veo ... puede ser que no son tus verdaderos amigos?" 

me dijo: "si usted dice que no, lo que significa decir que no voy a tener amigos en todos! Bueno, lo dijo así, tengo amigos, amigos que no les importa a mí, lo único que hacen es venir - toma de ir clase. ¿Ves?? tengo un montón de amigos tontos. Haz algo por ellos por amor y que lo pague con piedras. Yo no espero ningún pago sólo que la actitud. Bueno, admito que no soy bien en los temas. Algunos realmente hablar de juegos, porno, estudios, etc Bueno, no lo hago muy bien o conocimientos especializados o incluso el amor hablando de esto porno cosas. Peor aún, chicos tema, los juegos, yo soy como el peor? gracias?? a mi madre. Mi vida entera es aburrido, blanco y negro. Nadie va a como una persona como yo. aburrido. ¿Crees que se puede encontrar una BFF que puede soportar esta vida suya??

XYZ: "Está bien, entonces, ¿crees que puede hacer algo para traerlos de vuelta? Como en fijar su amistad??" 
me dijo: "Yo realmente no lo sé ... Lo he intentado lo mejor posible. Tal vez no se han destinado a las personas cercanas a mi alrededor."

XYZ: "espera, su familia no está cerca de usted???" 

me dijo: "no .. no tan cerca como se pueda pensar. Entre los hermanos, sí. Podemos hablar de casi cualquier cosa con ellos. en cualquier lugar que vayamos, nos atenemos a la otra. Dado que la mayoría de las veces, todo el mundo es extraño. Mi hermano y i son a tiempo parcial artista intérprete o ejecutante, por lo tanto nos encontramos con un montón de gente, especialmente la gente de Outstation. Bueno, simplemente decir, son capaces de hacernos hablar pero no de obligaciones. Creo que el lugar más lejano que se fue a Sarawak. Lo siento. .. fuera de tema. En realidad estaba esperando encontrar una BFF un día, que realmente se siente como mi hermano o hermana. Esperando, significa que todavía estoy atrapado en mi propia jaula solitaria."

XYZ: "es su personalidad bien? Como en lo que molestó a nadie antes? Esto podría afectar a su amistad sabes?" 

me dijo: "En verdad comprendo lo que quieres decir .. creo que lo hice durante SMSed. Pero no acechar, supongo. Así que encontrar más información acerca de una persona que me interesaba. mi personalidad? depende del individuo. algunos le guste, algunos tal vez no. Estoy realmente formar un lado buen chico. disciplina. Sólo rabia (muy muy muy pocas veces, soy un hombre muy paciente) y sobre-reaccionan a veces (aquí. .. la gente normalmente no me gusta). Pero estoy de tren y nació de esta manera. Justo ese día, cuando con mi amigo .. uhmm, CK y MK. Bueno, antes de la fiesta, como en unos pocos días antes de la fiesta, CK todavía la respuesta de mi mensajes, hablar, etc Luego, durante el partido, todo el mundo los juegos de azar (es CNY, duh ~) y me gusta la soledad, observando, no unirse. La razón es porque mi hermana estaba allí junto a mí. Es malo para un hermano para jugar frente a de su hermana. Mi familia, nosotros los hermanos, especialmente nunca jugar con dinero real antes, ¿ves?? Así que de repente .. espero que comprendan."

XYZ: "Wow, eres realmente un buen chico. ¿Piensas alguna vez / intenta cambiar para sus amigos?" 
me dijo: "Sí, claro. pero me temo que no puedo. Cuando las cosas llegan, sólo hay una posibilidad de que usted puede hacer. Después de eso, tendría que esperar a que pase por el nuevo. Pensé que el suicidio podría ser mejor. Por eso, ellos vendrán a visitarme por última vez, ¿ves? imaginar la sala de hospital llena de todos mis amigos. haha. Bromas solamente. Nunca va a suceder en el camino. Me gustaría hacer algo si que, ya sabes me daría otra oportunidad de hacerlo."

XYZ: "suicidio?!?! NO. Eso no es bueno! Terminar con su vida siempre lastimar a otros." 

me dijo: "le hacen daño a causa de mí?! hmmm .. yo no lo creo."

XYZ: "Bueno, eso depende de lo cerca que están con ellos. Así, esto es todo por hoy a nuestro cuestionario. Pero me gustaría decir, es posible que sufren depresión grave, la confusión y la enfermedad psicológica. Tus amigos deberían tomar nota de su miseria y problemas. "

me dijo: "no te preocupes. recé todo el tiempo y se han recuperado de esta enfermedad. por lo menos, me gustaría disminuir los problemas. algunos lo hacen tomar nota y, obviamente, algunos no le importaba en absoluto. Estoy bien con eso . Una cosa más, no siempre le digo a la gente acerca de mis problemas. Mi mente es muy fija también, cuando digo que no quiere decir no. que es lo que estoy de tren, mientras que para todo esto. A veces en la noche, cuando estoy estresado , sólo voy a tomar un poco de sangre antes de dormir. Verás, yo piel mis labios cuando no estoy en un estado de ánimo, subrayó arriba o tan enojado que no arremeter contra nadie, sólo por diversión / sed también consiguió. Tal vez usted me llama loco o demente, no lo sé. "
XYZ: "oh .. ok. Eso es muy perturbar con sangre. Espero que usted recibirá una BFF y al final de su muy miseria y problemas tan pronto como sea posible. Para sus amigos por ahí, por favor cuide de él, bien. De c Ourse, encontrar un amigo es fácil, pero para obtener una BFF es realmente tan difícil como encontrar una aguja en un pajar. Gracias. "

Kinda like an interview or something. Even Kriss Allen's song - Live like We're Dying brings a deep meaning into our life. Thx Kris. We must always appreciate and care for others around us, our love ones, friends and family, etc. Because we dun know when they'll go. Better be sory than regret when they're gone.